Lovely Little Things: Simply Naturale Prima Spremitura Delicate Liquid Soap

If you want to inject a little Tuscan culture into your urban dwelling put a bottle of this liquid soap next to your sink. Made with organic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil it is gentle on sensitive skins and the range also includes a hand & nail cream.

Our SM tester says: either you love olives or you hate them. I’m totally pro: from the pizza toppings to the martinis, black, green, smoked or queen – I just adore them. In fact, there was talk of our daughter being ‘Olive’, but my husband vetod it. So I fell for this Prima Spremitura range straight away as the packaging just makes me think of lush olive groves or cool drinks in leafy wine bars. Despite olive oil being the main ingredient, the smell isn’t overly olivey – in fact it is sort of herby, lemony- very ‘classy’ and not overpowering. The hand wash is really gentle – I have to wash my hands a lot with two under 5s and harsher soap really dries my hands out. I also loved using the hand & nail cream, which is light enough that you can use a little and your hands feel supple but not slippery – in fact you can still use an iPhone, pick up a wet child or unload the dishwasher without fear of dropping anything! Prima Spremitura means ‘first pressing’ (every day’s a school day, right?) and the range was developed in Florence. Just seeing the bottle in my bathroom makes me want to book a holiday!

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