Lovely Little Things: the Belly Bandit and Palmer’s Ultimate Stretch Mark solution

Belly Bandit’s stylish and innovative designs “Flawless Belly”,“Thighs
Disguise” and “Belly Shield” featuring the WonderWeave™ material will now include a 1.7oz Palmer’s Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks. So you can give your body a double-attack – as it were.

If you haven’t discovered the Belly Bandit range of shapewear yet, it really is worth a try. Recommended by everyone from personal trainers to hospitals to doulas (and let’s face it, how often do that lot agree on anything?) it also has something of a cult following amongst celebs.

Camilla Rutherford says “,After having four babies I thought my body would never recover. Thank heavens for the belly bandit products..they’ve held me in shape and given me the confidence to believe I can look good again so much sooner than I thought possible..’ a mother’s little helper.’”

Available nationwide at Mothercare.