Lovely Little Things: The Pacapod limited edition map print feeder pod

Tiny adventures start with a treasure map and this one comes in the form of a teeny backpack, which can either be carried by a toddler, clipped onto a buggy or fitted seamlessly into any of Pacapod’s ingenious changing bags.

Inside the pod is insulated and wipe-clean – so perfect for packed lunches – and it comes with a matching map-print bottle cover for keeping milk warm (or juice cool). The outer pocket has a clear window so your little one can have their pirate treasure in full sight (but also useful to pop in essentials like a yoghurt spoon and be able to see that you hadn’t forgotten them…)

Our resident two year old explorer was swift to hang his over the handlebars of his scooter, stuff in Big Nutbrown Hare and whizz off to discover new rabbit-holes.

RRP £21.95 from Pacapod