Lovely Little Things: The Splash About Happy Nappy Wetsuit

If you’ve done the WaterBabies course you’ll know what a Happy Nappy is – that snug fitting pair of overpants that is the course requirement over swimming nappies in order to maintain *ahem* decorum in the pool.

We’re thrilled to see that the range now extends to wetsuits, which come in a delightful range of designs.

Editor writes: my youngest little porpoise is currently having swimming lessons at the Queen Elizabeth Aquatic Centre, which despite costing millions (and being generally swanky) is actually jolly chilly. The main reason (says Jenny, the lovely instructor, who herself comes clad in a rash vest and shorts) is that they can’t make the ‘baby section’ warmer because it uses the same water as the lane swimming bit. Either way, to date we have kept ourselves warm with Dunkirk spirit and lots of rousing verses of ‘row, row, row the boat’. So the Splash About wetsuit was a welcome addition for my son – we reviewed size XXL in ‘Surf’s Up’ which is orange and light blue with a surfboard design – and proved very easy to negotiate him into (whilst running late and in a packed changing room), unlike the actual wetsuits my older son has for the beach. Again, these are designed to work with the swim nappy (we use Little Swimmers) and it’s a good snug fit. If the weather is warmer, you can actually get the Happy Nappy version (ie more like pants) in the same design, or for outdoor adventures there is a full-on long sleeved thick and insulated version – but for the moment the Happy Nappy Wetsuit is suiting him just fine and gives us at least another 15 minutes in the pool before the shivers take over.

Mummy, on the other hand, will just have to stick to a restorative cappuccino in the car park…