MERUMAYA #BeautyHasNoAge Guest Post

MERUMAYA is a British made beauty brand integrating global intelligence to achieve skincare which is integrative and provides real anti-ageing results.

When they asked to send us a guest post, it got us all thinking about their #BeautyHasNoAge message. Did you see Vogue’s piece on Cyndi Lauper, for example? She’s 63 and still going for it with the statement colours and vintage chic – and looks amazing.

“When you’ve lost your spirit, that’s not good,” Lauper says. “A woman who is older doesn’t have to look like a grandmamma. She can look elegant and not conservative.” The secret to pulling off a bold bolt of color, she says is simply scaling back. “You can do any style of makeup if you’re older, you just need to do it light. Too much makeup will make you look older.”

Or how radiant did Jerry Hall look in her wedding dress when she wed Rupert Murdoch recently (the dress was Vivienne Westwood – another grande dame of ageless style)?

image: Marie Claire

Anyway  – read what MERUMAYA have to say on the subject below and hopefully share some positive messages on social media?



Guest Post: Whether you are new Mummy, suddenly invisible because everyone’s first question is about your child, a Mummy navigating school gate protocol for the first time (me!), a Mummy that runs through airports in high heels, with a toddler straddling a leather-clad hip, there will have been times when you or one of your daughters have experienced beauty and age anxiety.Bag & Melting Cleansing Balm 

#beautyhasnoage champions that your daughters should not feel pressured to look a certain way, in order to be part of the ‘cool’ gang, nor be depressed because her acne makes her feel ‘ugly’.  A woman in her thirties should not feel the desperation of a ‘sell by date’ for her beauty.  A woman in her 50’s does not have to succumb to anyone else’s opinion of what is age-appropriate beauty. Your mothers and women in their 70’s+ should still feel beautiful, relevant and heard.  

I want women everywhere to positively take back control, for how we feel about ourselves. To revel in the liberation of making our own informed choices about skin care, to feel beautiful at every age and pursue our dreams at any age, to take pleasure in the positive aspects of ageing, and to appreciate our faces, bodies, brains and emotions.  I am inspired to help women ignite the courage within us, to take back control for our beauty-confidence.

After 30 years in corporate beauty, when decisions did not always seem customer-centric to me, I took the leap from employment to entrepreneur.  I created MERUMAYA® which is an evidence-based skincare brand, all about you, feeling confident about the way you look, at every age. We champion the positive goal of Youthful-Ageing rather than the negativity of Anti-ageing. Our famous Iconic Youth Serum embodies that philosophy and delivers results. Our hashtag is #beautyhasnoage and I mean it!

Last week, at the age Malekaof 53, I coloured my hair bright pink in defiance of what is deemed to be age-appropriate.  It feels liberating and I feel even happier. Walking down the street, some female neighbours shouted that I had made their day, by colouring my hair pink. Another in her 70’s told me she is often told to give up her heels and now has the courage to say, ‘No, they make me feel good’. 

At an event a few months ago, I complimented a woman that in a world of veneers, the gap in her teeth was so beautiful and unique.  Later that night, she tweeted, Tonight a woman I’d never met, complimented me for something I used to be bullied about. I feel great. Spread happiness people.   We have to stop undermining each other.  We have to ensure our daughters won’t be bullied for their unique beauty, and we have to be united in this endeavor and apply some action. Will you help?

If any of this resonates with you and your experiences – if you have a daughter and want her to feel confident, beautiful, accomplished, liberated and happier, please join me in this mission.  As little or as much as you are comfortable doing is great:

  • Use the #beautyhasnoage hashtag on your social platforms and ask your friends to share too
  • Send us a photo holding a #beautyhasnoage placard and ask friends too, or do it as a group
  • Make a 30-60 second video (on your phone is fine), telling us what #beautyhasnoage means to you. Here is an example from a customer.
  • Use the #beautyhasnoage make up bag. Only available at and FREE as a gift with purchase or £20. A full £5 will go to the charity Look Good Feel Better, which helps women with cancer. I will pay taxes, VAT and admin costs, so no deductions.

My deepest thanks to Slick Mummy Magazine for their positive action in allowing me to address you here. Thanks in advance to YOU, for any action you choose to support your fellow women with.

Maleka, MERUMAYA® Creator & Director