#MMHA16: will the Doona get your vote?

BADGE2So, it’s a legal requirement to have a Group 0 carseat in order to bring one’s newborn home from hospital by car (and in some hospitals they enforce this rule even if you plan to walk or take public transport!) but who says that it needs to solely function as a carseat alone? Not the clever boffins at SimpleParenting, creators of the Doona, that’s for sure!

Like so many genius inventions, combining two useful things together saves time, space, arm muscles and a few pennies (think of the Trunki, Wash n Go, the Fitbit, errr…the snood…) and in this case the Doona is the hybrid of a carseat and a stroller… One minute it secures your child in the back of your car, then you arrive at your destination and – hey presto – no need to struggle getting a buggy out of the boot, or fiddle about trying to attach clips and the carseat to a buggy frame – you simply unlatch the Doona’s own wheels and off you go…

The Doona comes in a whole rainbow of cheery colours and the whole thing weighs around 7kg (so lighter than a Bugaboo Bee). To quote Baldrick from Blackadder, we think the Doona is “as cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University…”

Vote for the Doona in the MMHA16 on social media by using the hashtag #MMHADOONA