#MothersDayWeek – Helen Cook of Mellow Duck

Image: Roco Mag

Mellow Duck’s gorgeous and vibrant range of upholstered pods  includes Pouffes, Stools, Footstools and Side Tables; the perfect treat for tired feet or handy seating for unexpected guests.  They offer an easy way to bring a dash of colour to contemporary or traditional design schemes.

Director Helen Cook took on our Mother’s Day Week questions…

How will you be spending Mother’s Day this year?

Helen: I will be spending some of Mother’s Day watching my son play hockey …which is always exciting….. fingers crossed he will get to the next stage in the selection process to play for Yorkshire! Before the match I’m cycling with a friend ….and afterwards I plan to chill, no cooking or anything domestic, might just stretch to reading the paper. The boys are always great at remembering it’s Mother’s Day and know what I like from the wonderful beauty shop in Ilkley….

Do you have any beauty tips passed on by your mother or grandmother that you can share with us?

Helen:The beauty tip I received was “moisturise, moisturise”, face & neck, day and night – I use a mix of Boots #7 Protect & Perfect Serum and Clarins Extra Firming Night cream (for day wear too!) and feel absolutely distraught if I go away and forget either.  Hopefully it’s paying off as I get older…..

Last year my eldest bought me a clock….. a “wine o clock” clock with bottles instead of umbers……mmmm, not such a great role model then!!