#MothersDayWeek – Jo Smedley of Red Herring Games

Jo Smedley set up Red Herring Games on a shoestring in 2007 and since then the company has gone from strength to strength; providing the intrigue and the giggles for many a Murder Mystery party with their bespoke ‘at home’ kits and and interative events.


We asked Jo our Mother’s Day chat questions, but couldn’t resist sneaking in an extra one…

How will you be spending Mother’s Day this year?
Jo: Driving down to Norfolk!  My mother-in-law is down from Shetland visiting her sister and we don’t get to see her very often given the distance.  Norfolk is easier to travel to than Shetland, so we’re heading down there to spend mother’s day with her.  (Which means a 3 hour journey there and back with two fighting children for me… joy… but at least I’ll have a hand blender again!  *my Mother’s day gift request as my last one broke (again… I’m always killing them!)


Do you have any beauty tips passed on by your mother or grandmother that you can share with us?

Jo: My mother (step-mother in this instance… long story, but I always think of her as my mum) isn’t into makeup or beauty particularly, and in fact neither of us go into it in a big way and only put it on for the odd special occasions, but I’ve always considered my mother extremely beautiful (she would deny that!)    I’ve always thought, the inside shines out.  If you have a great personality (as my mum does) – then your face radiates that and you don’t need loads of makeup.  No amount of makeup can hide a sour inside.   

Who would your dream Murder Mystery dinner party guests would be…?

Jo:  Ideal murder mystery guests?  Oh… that’s a tough one.  Mind you – I’ve always had the most fun with friends, so if I could invite around anyone I wanted, then I’d invite around all my best friends, ignoring their physical location as some of them, through moving, are now miles and miles away.)   However, if you’re looking for who I’d love to meet.  Well… I’d love to have Benedict Cumberbatch, David Tennant and John Nettles sitting around my dinner table.  My husband wouldn’t be too impressed, but he can pick the female guests!