#MothersDayWeek – Rachel Lowe MBE

Rachel Lowe is a succesful Mumpreneur and the founder of  Destination Board Games and She Who Dares
Despite the fact that Dragon’s Den didn’t opt for her board game, Rachel’s tenacity resulted in the Destination game being launched in Hamley’s in 2004. Rachel was awarded an MBE in 2009 and had a heroic story detailed on Panorama – read more here.
We are honoured that she took the time to answer our SM Mother’s Day questions…
How will you be spending Mother’s Day this year?
Rachel:  I will be spending Mothers Day with my beautiful girls and we will also be spending time with my mum. 
We love a traditional roast dinner so that’s what will be on the menu! 
Do you have any beauty tips passed on by your mother or grandmother that you can share with us?
Rachel: I do have some beauty tips from my mother AND my grandmother. My mum always said to me when moisturising your face, remember to also do your neck, chest and hands. As when you get older these are the give-away regions. My mum also used to say when shaping your eyebrows never take from the top, as that’s your natural shape, always create the arch from below. I think there is a lot to be said for this! And the more natural you can keep your look, the less work you actually have to do to maintain it. My Nan always had defined eye brows. Her tip was to always own a good eyebrow pencil. My nan also always had good hair. Always tidy. No point in spending time on your make-up if your hair is scruffy, so giving yourself those extra few minutes to make an effort will make you feel so much better in yourself.