Mummy friendly workouts

At Slick Mummy we’re all about the results – ideally achieved in the time between feeds/naps (ours and the baby’s) – and minimal effort.

Big faves include:

Debbie Siebers’ Cardio Core workout – 30 mins daily workout consisting mostly of standing abs, which achieve similar results to floor crunches, but with less back strain.  Super nice ‘girl next door’ Debbie is just the right level of peppy and motivational so that you don’t actually want to hit her…

Davina’s Ultimate Target Workouts – made for working mums; lovely down-to-earth Davina and her personal trainer hubby offer workouts targeted for specific body needs/fast fat burning and you only need to do them three times a week….

Also really looking forward to seeing the range of workout gear coming soon from popstar mum of four Stacey Jackson called Staefit – we predict it will be the LBD of sportswear…