Our pick of After School Snacks…

Maybe it’s those frosty playing fields, or endlessly kicking those leaf piles that renders kids more ravenous than usual in the Autumn Term, but here’s our latest pick of after-school snacks to fill those tummies.

Whitworth’s Bright Little Nuts are little bags of almonds, hazelnuts and cashews, providing protein, energy and good fats for your little squirrels. Obviously, check your school’s policy before popping them in a lunchbox, but for an allergy free child, nuts are wonder-fuel.

We all love Organix, but now many of the much-loved snacks now come in multipack sizes. Ideal for big families, impromptu sleepover feasts and when you’ve basically forgotten to buy anything for breakfast.

We are literally addicted to Hippeas; the feel good, tastes good scrunchy-crunchy nibble that actually *is* good – being made from FairTrade, organic, Vegan chickpeas. Amazing flavours include Cheese and Love or Far Out Fajita. Available on Amazon.

Cawston’s Hungry Caterpillar Apple Juice has such adorable packaging that your kids won’t notice it is diluted 50/50 with water (‘thank god,’¬†cry mums and dentists!)