Our pick of Alternative Easter gifts

Easter is always a baffler, isn’t it? Do you say to the kids ‘hurrah, let’s celebrate eggs!’ in a sort of modern Marie Antoinette style and let them trough themselves into a sugar coma, or proffer something non-chocolatey but then find oneself having to over-compensate on gifts for an event that isn’t Xmas or a birthday..?

Even for those who celebrate Easter for its full Christian meaning, we’d imagine it’s also quite a toughie (not the easiest concept to explain to a toddler, right?)

This year, we are siding with the Earth-mothers and celebrating Easter by embracing all things budding and blossoming, bursting into bloom (and bopping about with bushy tails).

Here’s our pick of Easter gifts that we think are just as delicious as a Cadbury’s creme egg (and might just save your bacon when it comes to this tricky-to-shop-for holiday).

Pret a Pousser Mushroom Growing Kit: if you thought fungi couldn’t be fun, or that mushrooms need to grow in the dark on rotting bales of straw – think again. Pret a Pousser send you a shoe box sized complete growing kit which will have the whole family enthralled. Simply cut a little hole in the plastic window, spray daily with an atomiser and gasp as a beautiful bouquet of mushrooms unfurl almost before your very gaze. The whole process takes less than ten days – and let’s not forget you can complete the process by eating your crop too, they are delicious on toast, in scrambled eggs or sprinkled on pizza … It’s a glorious and super original gift that gives at least two crops and will start up many conversations…

The Little Life Bunny Rabbit backpack: if you’ve got a tiny adventurer who likes to scamper off down the rabbit hole (well, the produce aisle in Waitrose anyway) and you’d really like a way to get some safety reins on them that doesn’t result in a tiny adventurer tantrum, check out adorable Ritchie the Rabbit. Ritchie is a backpack – just big enough for those toddler essentials – with detachable reins and perky ears that sort of ‘boiiing’ as your small one does. Fits well, is easy to carry – and if your child does go astray you can issue a tannoy announcement asking shoppers to look out for ‘the one with the big furry tail…’

‘Some Bunny’ tee from Oh Arthur: we’ve recently fallen in love with this cult monochrome fashion label with its statement slogans and cool characters. Most of the designs are unisex (we get the vibe that Oh Arthur devotees are so achingly hip anyway that they can pull off reverse-gender fashion) and can be ordered online.

The Eden Project’s ‘A Little Guide to Gardening’: a beautifully illustrated practical book about growing; be your garden a pot on the window sill or a huge dome in the middle of Cornwall… Lots of tips, facts and recipes for the young green-fingered, plus space for drawing and making lists.