Driving abroad this Summer? What you need to know…

Regal Rentals offer some useful advice if you’re planning on driving abroad over the coming months.

If you are hiring a vehicle, choose one you feel comfortable with. Consider driving an automatic car – rather than a manual – which will give you one less thing to think about or a smaller car which can be easier to manoeuvre and park.
Pack an up-to-date map in the car and consider using a GPS to help prevent you getting lost.
Get the right insurance cover. If you’re driving in another country, you need to let your insurance company know and check if your policy covers you.
Check to see if you have European breakdown cover with you policy and upgrade it if you don’t.
Remember to take your driving licence. You can use your UK driving licence to drive within the EU/EEA but you will need an International Driving Permit if you want to drive outside of these countries. Ask your local Post Office for details.
Check what sort of fuel the vehicle requires.
Be aware that compulsory items to be carried in the vehicle and speed limits may vary by country and drivers should check in advance. Such things as Warning Triangles, Hi Visibility Vests for each passenger, First Aid Kits and replacement bulbs are the responsibility of the driver/hirer of the vehicle.
Before you set off, it can be helpful to check the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website for safety advice www.fco.gov.co.uk
Consider taking out an Excess Reduction Policy. This is optional and the cost varies depending on the length of hire but it can give added peace of mind.
Give yourself plenty of time to get used to driving a different car. When you’re sitting on the opposite side to what you’re used to it can feel strange. Check where all the controls are so you can familiarise yourself with the layout.
Do some research before you travel. For example, it’s useful to be aware of the different speed limits in the country you are visiting.
Relax. Don’t feel that you have to leave the airport car park and drive straight on to the fast lane of the motorway or dual carriageway. Take your time to get used to the car, the roads and driving on the opposite side.
Don’t overdo the driving. Build in regular stops so you can get out of the car, stretch and refuel. Try not to drive when you are tired or children are fractious.

About Regal Rentals

Independent vehicle rental company, Regal Rentals works with private, business and corporate customers across the UK from its network of 12 branches and head office in Mollington, Chester.

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MORI launch adorable pandas collection on July 7th

‘Bearly’ have we gotten over the passing of Paddington creator Michael Bond CBE, when another set of delightful, fuzzy pawed cubs comes to our attention. 

MORI – makers of wonderful organic bamboo and creators of #MORImoments – have just announced their new Panda Collection of hoodies, joggers, tees and shorts which will no doubt be as strokably soft as a real panda.

Our faves include the super hip pink and grey logo sweatshirts – very unisex, we think – and the matchy sets.

Even better, the collection has an ethical promise. £1 from every panda product sold through the MORI website will go towards adopting MORI pandas in China and MORI will be sharing pictures
and updates about their pandas with the MORI community.

Akin Onal and Cam Miller from MORI said: “We were inspired to launch a panda collection as the panda is a symbol of peace and protection. We are passionate about making sure our little ones grow up in a beautiful world, which means protecting wildlife and nature. This collection is our way of helping to preserve and protect one of the most endangered, and most loved, animals – whilst making sure little ones look gorgeous too!”

The Panda collection will retail from £17 to £49.50.

Happy 9th Birthday #Ollie #passonthepositive

We may not be Russell Crowe but we’d also like to share our birthday wishes to Ollie; a birthday should always be magical and we hope you tell the bullies that your dad is one in a million – and that’s better than all their so called possessions put together.

On the subject of bullying, we’re including this link from BullyingUK with helpful advice if your child is in the same situation as Ollie and also the Government’s guidelines. 

And Ollie – if you’re reading this and would like to review some toys for us, ask SuperDad to get in touch…

Let’s all #PASSONTHEPOSITIVE today – in any way we can. I’m sure little acts of kindness (and cake) will bring smiles just as much as celeb tweets do.

Dark Horse Sauvignon Blanc surveys BBQ trends

Bring a bottle or you won’t be invited back…

Dark Horse suggests avoiding BBQ’s in Nottingham unless you want sausages and -unsurprisingly- that we Brits wouldn’t invite a guest back if they showed up empty handed to an alfresco blaze-up. 

According to the survey Brits have revealed that:
  • We will spend an average 11 hours at BBQs this year- and 400 million hours as a nation
  • We’ll consume 570 million bottles of beer, 410 million glasses of white wine and 55 million tablespoons of ketchup at BBQs this year
  • On average, the UK’s favourite meat option to serve is burgers– with only Nottingham choosing sausages at their meat of choice
  • White wine, beer and cider came top as the alcoholic beverages Brits would most like to consume at a BBQ
  • On average, we would prefer to see at least 3 different types of drinks and 3 different types of meat at a BBQ
  • 9 per cent of Brits would not invite you again if you turn up to a BBQ empty handed, hosts would most like to receive bottles of beer, a bottle of wine or snacks such as crisps from their guests
image: getty

Dark Horse Sauvignon Blanc is available from Ocado.

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Our pick of… Pink for Boys

Whether you stand in solidarity with Adele on the gender neutrality or just want to dip a toe into the whole melange (maybe a lavender-painted one?) we have a few pink picks that are 100% masculine. And super cute.

Scamp & Dude’s pink rabbit tee is emblazoned with a neon Super Bunny, to warn off any baddies. He’s bad, he’s pink and he doesn’t care that he’s just wearing pants.



Swaddle a tiny boy-boo in a pink tiger, from the new aden+anais summer collection of adorable, breathable, do-it-all swaddles. And say Grr to Granny.



Hunter’s Kids’ backpacks are just as rugged as their welly boots, so the pink colourway knows no gender bounds. Also, check out the new ‘Panther Pink’ shade they have added to the boot range. Much more boy-friendly than their previous ‘Lipstick Pink’.



Tapir and Friends Pink Crocodile beaker is a ferociously pink way to serve a drink (maybe sugar-free Ribena or Charlie and Lola style pink milk?)



This Fisherman style sun hat looks super cool in bubblegum pink and keeps the rays off just as well as any other colour. Wide brim and chinstrap means it won’t fall off whilst BMXing…  (maybe on this BMX Star bike…?)

Our tips for dealing with kids in the heat…

If navigating your path through motherhood has been increasingly befuddled as a result of the recent heatwave, our team have a few tips to share to prevent further meltdown:

“Let them eat lollies..” OK, it’s not an ideal choice for breakfast, but an extra way to top up fluids. Make your own super organic ones if you can be bothered – or order some from Lickalix (they make ones with booze for grown-ups too!)

aden+anais muslin squares in fluro pink

“Wet the muslin” There has been huge controversy in the news about the good ole muzzy-over-the-buggy raising the temperature inside. Take a tip from mums in warmer climes and shade your bubba with a damp muslin.

“Keep them indoors” Make being a killjoy more fun with a fab creative playbook such as My Beautiful Room: Interior Design Workbook by Jasmine Orchard and Olivia Whitworth which has press-out furniture to create beautiful interior designs.

“Get a tent” We are loving Infantino’s Grow with Me Teepee – it’s so delightfully colourful and cheery and it makes for a good sun shade. Or for bigger ones, Babyhub’s SleepSpace travel cot turns into a super tent-den. Kids love to hide, so make dodging the rays into a fun game.

Aldi paddling pool

“Get an awesome paddling pool” We LOVE Aldi’s, Crane Quick Up Pool – 10ft diameter and just £29.99.

“Just chill” Chuck everything in the freezer to cool it down a little; teethers, t-shirts, sippy cups, teddy…. Prosecco.

SM tests… Footner Coolactive Foot Massager

SM tester writes: “I’ve been shuffling about in this heat in horrible flip flops which I really should have consigned to the dustbin three holidays ago. My poor old feet have been saying *adopting a comedy foot talking voice here* ‘Seriously, we liked you better when you made us hit the dance floor in those super high heels at that wedding…’

Today I was working from home. I dunked my feet in the kids’ paddling pool every 45 mins. Yesterday I was at an afternoon event in the relentless heat and such decadence was not an option. But Footner’s cooling foam gave my feet an icy blast and the roller ball is good for giving them a mini massage on the go. So basically, like having a paddling pool in a can that you can keep in your changing bag…”

Click here to buy.

Fathers’ Day gifts sorted

Get Daddy the stuff he really, really wants…

The Penclic KB3 mini keyboard is cased in metal and the keys feel amazing to type on (as well as preventing RSI). Connects via Bluetooth, compatible with Windows, Android and ios – and it looks rugged and masculine. RRP £79.99

Aloha! How about a subscription to Tiki Cocktail Box; a 50/70cl bottle of rum to build your cocktail collection, plus mixers and either a Tiki mug or exclusive glassware to serve it in,

Follow the link to gift a box to your rum-loving rogue.


TOMS shoes are not only freakishly comfortable, but their one-for-one gifting policy means that a child in need will also get a pair of shoes when you treat your king-of-loafing to some new loafers… We love these cornflower blue ones… RRP £39.99

Coffee Gator’s pour over coffee maker makes fuss-free great-tasting coffee. And you don’t need to mess around with paper filters (or improvise when you run out) as the metal filter is reusable. RRP £39.95

And don’t forget Grandpa! Give him a hipster makeover with a FMLY store sweatshirt. RRP £50

Pacapod announce new range of bags

Pacapod add three new designs to their range of genius changing bags; Hartland, Croyde and Saunton. They all come with the striking new map pod (which we had a small meltdown coo-ing over a few months back!)

(If you recall our Pacapod feature in the magazine last year you’ll know that designer and CEO Jacqueline Waggett names all of the bags after places where she has had adventures.)

We’re loving the elegant Saunton tote, which can be worn as a messenger bag or backpack as well as being excellent arm candy…

The Hartland is one of those compact but cavernous backpacks that can be used as aeroplane hand luggage. It comes in gorgeous tan leather or shimmering  gunmetal faux leather.


 The Croyde is big enough to use as a hospital bag – or perfect for those who (like me) have multiple children.


Pre-order online from late June for delivery in August from www.pacapod.com

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