Join the Midtown Big Ideas Exchange as they debate the Future of London


The Midtown Big Ideas Exchange is a series of free debates hosted by Bee Midtown and The Evening Standard. Tonight’s debate takes place at Conway Hall and will discuss what Brexit means for the future of London.

If you live or work in London’s Midtown area (that’s Holborn and Bloomsbury – if you didn’t know!) why not join the conversation after work.

If previous debates are anything to go by, the chat gets quite lively, challenging and creative. This one is chaired by Jim Armitage, City Editor of the Standard.

Bee Midtown is part of Bee London, who strive to improve the well-being of business districts through innovation and idea sharing. They do lovely things like home beehives and plant veg on office roofs and create urban walks – as well as addressing bigger regeneration and investment issues. CEO Tass Mavrogordato is an amazing woman who is very passionate about sustainability -she has a very positive vision of the way that London could function.

Sign up for free tickets here and get up to date info here.

Can’t be there in person? Listen to the stream on Facebook.

Join March of the Mummies this Halloween

Join Pregnant Then Screwed this Halloween as they march from Westminster to Trafalgar Square to demand recognition, respect and change for working mothers.

Together with Working FamiliesThe Lullaby TrustYess Law, the Organise Platform, Parental Pay Equality and Bristol Women’s Voice the March of the Mummies seeks to highlight the issue of maternity discrimination which haunts 77 percent of new mums, and pushes one in nine pregnant women out of their job (EHRC, 2016).

The protest will happen at the same time as its sister marches in Glasgow, Cardiff. Manchester, Newcastle and Belfast.

Tuesday 31st October London March timings are as follows:

12:00 – Gather at North Terrace at Trafalgar Square for welcome from Pregnant Then Screwed founder, Joeli Brearley.

12:10 – March Commences.

12:40 – March arrives at Parliament Square, and rally commences with introduction from Joeli.

12:50 – Caroline Lucas MP to speak.
13:00 – Helen Skelton to speak.
13:10 – Sophie Walker to speak.
13:20 – Anna Whitehouse to speak.
13:30 – Ivana Bartoletti to speak.
13:40 – Manjinder Virk to speak and to present the five demands to MPs.

13:50 – END.

All other info here.

Rolling Stones x Colette – limited edition collaboration

Rolling Stones x Paris St Germain sweatshirt

Need a gift for the person who has everything? Check out very special limited-edition capsule collection which launches exclusively tomorrow in uber-hip Paris boutique Colette, celebrating The Rolling Stones NO FILTER European Tour, which closes in Paris this week.

Available from October 19-25th, the collection, created in partnership with Bravado, will include Paris Saint-Germain FC shirts, Moleskine notebooks and tour t-shirts – all bearing the cheeky tongue emblem.

Our pick of After School Snacks…

Maybe it’s those frosty playing fields, or endlessly kicking those leaf piles that renders kids more ravenous than usual in the Autumn Term, but here’s our latest pick of after-school snacks to fill those tummies.

Whitworth’s Bright Little Nuts are little bags of almonds, hazelnuts and cashews, providing protein, energy and good fats for your little squirrels. Obviously, check your school’s policy before popping them in a lunchbox, but for an allergy free child, nuts are wonder-fuel.

We all love Organix, but now many of the much-loved snacks now come in multipack sizes. Ideal for big families, impromptu sleepover feasts and when you’ve basically forgotten to buy anything for breakfast.

We are literally addicted to Hippeas; the feel good, tastes good scrunchy-crunchy nibble that actually *is* good – being made from FairTrade, organic, Vegan chickpeas. Amazing flavours include Cheese and Love or Far Out Fajita. Available on Amazon.

Cawston’s Hungry Caterpillar Apple Juice has such adorable packaging that your kids won’t notice it is diluted 50/50 with water (‘thank god,’ cry mums and dentists!)

Binky celebrates her ‘1st Xmas as Mummy’ with her latest collection for

Whilst we doubt that Binky will either be dressing down or peeling sprouts on Xmas day – if she were, she’d definitely be wearing this tee from her latest collaborative collection for

Her range includes Santa bathrobes, gift sacks, tree decorations and stockings – all of which can be personalised, as is the My1stYears trademark.

We’re loving the ‘Mummy Deer’ sweatshirts, which can be matchy-matchy with ‘Daddy Deer’ and ‘Baby Deer’ – perfect for branding your team when it comes to after-lunch charades.

Shop the collection here.

Ten Years, £2 million turnover and 200,000 tutus – Congrats Angel’s Face!

This October Angel’s Face, the British girlswear brand known for its iconic tutu skirts which bring squeals of delight to little girls all over the world, is celebrating its tenth birthday. And they’ll also raise a glass of fizz (we hope) to the brand achieving an impressive annual turnover of £2 million.

Mother of three, Keely Deininger,  started the business in 2007 with her partner Thomas. After having a household of boys, when Keely’s daughter Trinity was born, Keely bought her a multi-coloured tutu during a shopping trip to FAO Schwartz in New York. Trinity loved the skirt so much that the idea for Angel’s Face was born.

Within five years of launching, Angel’s Face had become the best-selling tutu brand in the UK and so Keely set her sights on developing the brand globally.

Now Angel’s Face has sold over 200,000 tutus worldwide and can be found in 40 countries. Surprisingly, it is the Chinese market which seems to be booming, Keely explains: “Since the abolition of the one-child policy in China, there will be an additional 16 million children born over the next two years.  The most popular age range for Angel’s Face products is 1-5 years, which means that the coming years will be very exciting for Angel’s Face.”

“Angel’s Face has grown organically year-on-year despite the economic highs and lows over the past ten years,” continues Keely. “I am very proud of what we have achieved. We have grown this business through sheer hard work with no shortcuts and even during these challenging economic times, our business is in profit. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 10 years of Angel’s Face will bring!”

We say undoubtedly plenty of smiles and twirls!

Shop online for skirts, accessories and delightful party dresses here.

SM chats to… Mark Salter, Founder of for aisha

Not only are for aisha’s halal baby food pouches loved by over two million tiny tummies but also (sssh – top tip) they make wonderful seasoning for grown-up dishes too! They recently launched their Stage 3 meals (for 10+ months) and we caught up with Founder and Recipe Developer Mark Salter to find out what makes the brand so special.

Was there a ‘lightbulb moment’ when you came up with the brand concept?

MS: Yes. I have over 20 years experience of working in the UK food and drinks industry for larger companies and managing the UK supermarket chains. I love exotic food and travel so when I was interviewed for a position with Plum Baby Food, I realised that there was a need to add some flair into the baby foods that were on offer. Many brands were doing the same thing; offering pasta and fish dishes that could be easily cooked by parents themselves. So I set about creating recipes that were more complex, time-consuming and ultimately more expensive for parents to make. Thereby offering a healthy wide variety of exotic ingredients in a convenient pouch format.

The ‘research’ sounds like the best adventure holiday ever! Was there a favourite place you visited to source recipe ideas?

MS: Well, there were several trips over several years. We just visited France last month and took some inspiration for our new Lamb Ragout. My favourite destination was certainly Cambodia because it was our honeymoon – our new Cambodian Fish & Coconut Curry launches in early 2018. We’ve been testing it all year! It’s the best.

What was the first for aisha recipe created?

MS: The first recipe that we decided to take to production was Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Mango. We were tasting some early ideas at our local nursery schools and noticed that the next day on their menu was a Jerk Chicken. I was surprised that nurseries were cooking such exotic dishes and that little one’s loved them. It was mainly tapioca puddings when we were younger! The Jerk Chicken is one of our best selling pouch meals now.

Was it difficult to find a meat supplier that complied with your brand values?

MS: It took some time as we wanted the best we are proud to say all our meat is Red Tractor and from leading British farms. Baby food production is very closely monitored and highly regulated (and rightly so) from start to finish.

Which are your best selling products?

MS: We’ve already sold 2 million meals in the UK and Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry is the clear leader. It’s an Indian inspired recipe with red lentils and a wide range of herbs specially created for little tummies. Ingredients such as sweet potato and turmeric are becoming more relevant for parents because of their proven health benefits and it’s lovely to know that we’re pioneering that development.

And which is your ‘post paddle boarding fave’ snack?

MS: We did always take the pouches with us on the paddle boards but since we brought out the new Stage3 Date & Apricot Tagine with Lamb, I eat those from the tray. It’s my personal favourite and so we’ve decided to taste them with parents at the Baby Show Olympia later this month. We’ll have a few thousand samples for parents to try which is really exciting – parents should always try the food first in my opinion.

What considerations went into developing the Stage 3 range?

MS: We’d been asked to create bigger meals for some time with more texture and ‘chunks’ for bigger infants. It’s important part of the weaning process to aid the development of chewing and swallowing and chewing is even thought to help with speech development. The meals were designed to be different from all others on the market so I wanted to work with exotic ingredients such as dates, quinoa, fenugreek and cumin. The dishes are always mild for little ones but they are so certainly different, exotic and exciting, still offering the ‘world of variety’ and adventure that is at the heart of the for aisha range.

It must be a wonderful achievement to supply Great Ormond St… How did this partnership come about?

MS: The head dietitian of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children wrote to us and said that she loved our recipes. We get lovely letters from parents but it was exceptional to receive such high praise that day. We now supply their wards and also their shops with our healthy natural for aisha pouches.

Any advice for a parent who might be worried that the for aisha range might be ‘too adventurous’ for their child’s palate?

MS: Try a little for yourselves and you’ll see that they are very mild. It’s all about introducing a wide variety of tastes. We don’t use ingredients like chilli so they’re not hot at all. With 2 million meals sold, lots of food awards and lovely reviews from bloggers and parents, you can be well assured that they’re just right for little ones. Our full range is dairy free, low in salt, dietitian-approved and many recipes are also gluten free which is why parents, as well as hospitals, love them.

And finally…We could spend hours looking at Nargisse’s Instagram feed… Are there any plans to create meals (or preserved lemons!) for grown-ups?

MS: I love Nargisse’s grown up recipes. She’s an amazing chef. At for aisha, we love making recipes especially for little ones to take them on a ‘taste adventure’ during their early years. We have many more recipes planned and introducing fun grown-up tastes are a big part of that.

Find your nearest for aisha stockist here.

SM reviews… The Sevylor Puddle Jumper

The Sevylor Puddle Jumper is a revolutionary swimming aid, designed to increase confidence in the water. Our tester tried the Pirate design. 

SM Tester writes: “The Sevylor Puddle Jumper is absolutely fantastic. I have been using it with my 2 1/2 YO for a few weeks now –  including a two-week holiday – and his confidence in the water has improved, and he’s also having more fun than ever before.

It keeps him afloat and totally independent in the water and doesn’t restrict his movements.  He can switch direction easily and lay on his back too, which he loves to do. We’ve used it in the sea too and it worked well in little waves, keeping him safe and stable.

Unlike vests with weights we have tried, it doesn’t weigh him down or over to one side, but keeps him evenly buoyed.

It’s really easy to put on, arms just go onto the arm rings and the chest band clips at the back and are fully adjustable.

He loves wearing it, it’s comfortable, the fabric is soft and good quality and he has never complained of it pinching or chaffing. He gets really excited at the prospect of wearing it and doesn’t want to remove it either which is a plus on holiday when running around the edge of the pool. He has even worn it for jumping in the pool and he just bobs right to the surface.

At this stage, I’m not actively trying to teach him to swim, so I’m not sure if it helps, however, I can say that he has – without much prompting – naturally assumed swimming position and is confidently kicking his legs to move.

Maybe the only downside is that it is a little bulky to transport, as it’s in one piece and you can’t remove or take the floats out or separate it.  

All in all, it’s a brilliant swimming aid for little ones. I highly recommend.”

Reviewed by Donna, mum to Gabriel (2)

Order online or from Amazon, Boots or Argos.

Make vision count with a baby sensory muslin from #MMHA17 winning brand Etta Loves

October 12th is World Sight Day. This year their key message is to “make vision count” as there is a shocking statistic that 80% of the world’s blind are avoidably so.

What better way to support than by investing in a baby sensory muslin from Mummy Must Have Award winners Etta Loves? All are designed in line with knowledge of normal visual development in babies.

Laura (the brand’s resident orthoptist) explains “, A baby’s vision is one of the least developed senses at birth. However, as they receive sensory input the nerve cells in the brain multiply and form connections – which all help their vision to develop.

Research has shown that if there is no visual stimulation the eye to brain connections do not develop and therefore sight does not develop. Etta Loves muslins are a great way to provide some of that stimulation as they are designed to the millimetre based on what babies can and can’t see.

Studies have shown that black and white contrast provides the strongest signals to the brain of newborn infants.”


The 0-4 month muslin pack focuses on high contrast black and white designs, whilst the 5+ muslins bring in bright bold colours, in line with the development of babies’ colour detecting cells. Each muslin incorporates a range of large and small scale of the pattern to continue to stimulate tiny eyes as they grow.

Shop the full range here.

‘A Clockwork Orange’ helps kids to learn languages… No, really!

Fear not, your children won’t be electrocuted… One Third Stories – a new series of paperback storybooks, audiobooks and activity materials – is shaking up language learning with its unique approach to introducing children to the wonders of foreign languages.

The books work by utilising a learning method coined by founders Alex Somervell and Jonny Pryn, known as the Clockwork Methodology™. By taking inspiration from Anthony Burgess’ iconic novel A Clockwork Orange – in which words from the fictional Nadsat language are gradually introduced to the reader throughout the narrative – One Third Stories’ books begin entirely in English, before progressively bringing in foreign words in context with the story.

An example of the Clockwork Methodology™ in action is: “The little boy looked into the sky at the bright, round, yellow soleil.

Co-founder Alex Somervell says, “The new word gets used many times throughout the story in different contexts and through this repeated exposure the reader has learnt the French word for ‘sun’. Introducing new vocabulary in this way allows us to create stories that start in English and end in a different language.

“The inspiration for this methodology may seem odd or controversial due to the nature of the original novel, but we’ve found it to be an incredibly effective way for children to learn languages, as well as enjoyable.”

Accompanied by an audiobook to teach pronunciation, and beautiful illustrations to provide a visual element, the books enable children to become competent in a foreign language in a way that is entertaining while having a lasting positive impact on their learning.

Aimed at children between the ages of four and nine years, One Third Stories’ offerings are currently available in French and Spanish on a monthly subscription service, where children receive a new storybook, activity book and activity cards each month.


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