Playtime: Baby Born Puppy Doodle

The ‘Doodle’ pup is from Baby Born’s Pony Farm range by Zapf Creation.

“My three year old daughter has wanted a real dog since she could say the word ‘doggie’ and was therefore delighted to test this puppy toy. I was pleasantly surprised as the bark it makes isn’t too loud or yappy and the way it lifts its leg to ‘pee’ had us all in giggles… You can feed it water from a bottle or give it a bone (so good nurturing skills to learn if she ever wears me down to getting a real puppy) and Doodle interacts with both. This toy is presumably aimed at girls but a quick switch of the pink tartan collar and it could keep boys entertained too… It doesn’t seem too battery intensive (I must confess, I took the batteries out of another more annoying toy to put into this one) – I haven’t had to replace them yet – and you can seemingly wipe the fur clean with a damp cloth if you need to. All in all an engaging toy (and better than a real pup, for the moment!)”

(Tested by Alice and Ciara)