Preserve the memory of your child’s first steps with Bobux

Remember when your child took their first steps…? Erm – maybe you do, maybe you don’t – because let’s face it, once they are up on their feet and climbing on the coffee table it is essentially the beginning of the end. Or – the end of the beginning. And you’re so busy chasing them ’round and fitting locks onto cupboards and moving everything on shelves up one shelf higher that you completely forget to look at the date.

But Bobux have come to the rescue with a lovely keepsake dustbag, into which you can pop your child’s first walking/climbing/scrambling shoes once they have outgrown them and keep them for posterity, scribbling the date on the handy leather tag.

The bag comes with all shoes in the Bobux ‘Step Up’ range, including the award-winning Xplorer, which is lightweight and flexible; designed to help little ones progress up from a crawl.

For more info or to order visit the Bobux website.