Rethink your skincare routine with Natural Elements 10 Years Younger Kit

We were obviously a bit sceptical when this one arrived for testing. Ten years younger, you say? Hmm, that would make us …well, a lot perkier, firmer and generally surrounded by a youthful and possibly child-free glow, wouldn’t it?

The lowdown: The WoW (War on Wrinkles) kits are a two step process; first there’s a unique vital oil and then a blending cream, both packed with ultra potent anti-oxidants to neutralise super-charged free radicals (think super food in skin care form) and provides UVA and UVB protection. Natural Elements’ creator and cosmetology dermatologist John Hamilton explains “Our skin is exposed to an increasing onslaught of chemicals from both our products and our environment. Standard anti-oxidants are no longer enough to counter the effects of increasingly potent free radicals. This breakthrough in understanding the process of mitochondrial decay is providing a new anti-ageing solution as never seen before.”

Our SM tester says: ‘I know some people are worried about putting oil on their face, but this Uplifting Oil  feels really lovely and light and smells incredible; it is peach and avocado oil blended with orange and jasmin. It sinks straight in but you can give yourself a little facial massage if you don’t have children pestering at the bathroom door. You then add a drop of the Blending Cream on top which creates a matte finish that is so good you don’t actually need foundation – I honestly got my whole routine paired down to this plus a little dab of concealer. The oils come in different variations, depending on your skin type and a little drop is all you need – in fact you don’t even need to use the Blending Cream at night time if you don’t want to.

I don’t know about ten years younger but it does make your skin glow and it feels like a breath of fresh air in itself not to be wearing foundation. Your pores look hydrated and plumped up – in fact, I found myself taking a couple of selfies just so that I could zoom in and look at them (I know… but it beat doing the ironing!)

I would definitely recommend this – it does take a bit longer than just dabbing on moisturiser but I’d say rethink your routine and have a couple of minutes TLC time, your skin will thank you for it.’

Natural Elements 10 Years Younger Kit is priced from £36. For further information or to order call 01299 253994 or visit