School Run Superhero: Dead Sea Spa Magik BB and CC creams

Despite the witchy sounding name, Dead Sea Magik has been harnessing the power of Dead Sea minerals to create scrubs and moisturisers since the ’80s. We were intrigued to try the new BB and CC creams in the Diamond Range, which can be used together for a contouring effect.

Our SM tester writes: “So, my brief was to use these two products together to contour like a Kardashian. Only whilst on the school run. 

The BB cream is anti-ageing and comes loaded with vitamins C&E, as well as all the dead sea minerals and plant extracts, whilst the CC cream is super hydrating and adapts to skin tone. The CC cream was a darker ‘tan’ shade and the BB one ‘natural’ – so the idea here is that you could use them together to highlight and sculpt. 

I actually fell in love with the CC cream straight away – and I’ve never actually found one that really works for me or lives up to the hype- but this one just sinks right in, looks more ‘real’ than foundation and makes your skin look lovely. Whilst I wasn’t using it to create Amazonian cheekbones exactly, after a weekend in Europe wearing sunglasses it covered up my panda eyes a treat! 

The BB cream I originally thought would be much too light (after said mini break) but actually it’s great to dab under eyes or just generally dot all over for a bit of a perk-up. I have been applying both with just my fingers – they are very blendable and if you are a bit of a Klutz and use too much you can just dab it off with a tissue. 

I’ve got quite sensitive skin and these creams were a treat to wear. I remember as a teenager having friends ’round and we’d apply the black mud mask, then prank each other to go outside – but also remember that we’d end up with lovely clean, nurtured skin (it was a whizz for teenage hangovers too!)

The brand might not have changed much over the years in terms of packaging and you might still have to get it from Holland & Barrett but the new creams do make up for in delivering results what they might lack in snazzy packaging. 

Personally, I am going to use them throughout the summer (both are SPF15) and as for keeping up with the Kardashian trend, I’ll be content that my skin looks calm, elegant and unflustered at 8am.”

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