School Run Superheroes

This week our tester tried out Phytacol’s Phytaoil.

The lowdown: Phytaoil is made with rose hip oil and extract plus lavender, lime, geranium and Vitamins A and E to help heal stretch marks, treat dehydrated skin and treat scars. it comes in an easy to use spray bottle.

Our SM tester says: ‘OK, so my stretch marks aren’t actually ON display for the school run, but at the mega gruelling Pilates class I seem to have signed myself up for they most definitely ARE. And it isn’t pretty. When I was first asked to test this product I thought about taking a ‘before’ shot, but the sight was so horrible I decided against it. But three weeks later I wish I had because the really have nearly faded! The product is really easy to use, I just spray a bit on after the shower and rub it in, it’s not greasy at all so you can get dressed straight away. I’ve also been using a little on my face under make up for a dewy finish and also on my feet at¬†bedtime which is a lovely treat and you wake up with super soft tootsies…The only downside is that now I have realised that my saggy belly is actually flab and not just stretch marks. So back to Bootcamp Pilates for me!’

Editor’s tip: pack this one in your holiday bag as a nourishing after sun treatment…