Schoolrun Superheroes

We’re really chuffed to be awarding our first 5 star review for this section, this time for the Di Palomo Tuscan Rose Dry Oil, £18 online

The lowdown: this super light, non greasy, easily absorbed olive and sweet almond oil blend is packed with vitamin E and fragranced as part of the Tuscan Rose range. Can be used all over the body or as a hair conditioner.

Our tester says: ‘When the Ed suggested I test DRY OIL on the school run, I thought she’d gone mad… But this is a really, truly great product. It smells divine; not just a lovely deep rose scent but also notes of vanilla, gardenia and jasmine. Kind of reminds me of the Stella McCartney rose fragrance, really classy. You can spray this all over after the shower, but it is honestly so light you can actually keep it in the car and spritz on your hands, elbows… legs if it wasn’t bitter winter! But it also works great on your hair, especially if you are prone to a little frizz and just need a little ‘shoosh’ of body. My daughter goes to Waterbabies swimming lessons and the changing rooms are small and communal – no room for lots of products, let alone whilst juggling a tired baby – but this had me sorted as a body lotion, leave in hair conditioner and a gorgeous perfume, all in one!

Superhero score: 5/5

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