SM chats to … Caprice

Model, actress, presenter (she had a singing career somewhere too) Caprice Bourret was named the World’s Sexiest Woman by the News of the World, GQs Woman of the Year and Maxim’s International Woman of the Year for three consecutive years. So it may come as a surprise to some that she can run a lingerie, swimwear and bedding empire, give motivational speeches to inspire fellow entrepreneurs and also raise two young boys (who are not quite twins – but almost).

We recently discovered that she can also add writing an intelligent, poignant autobiography to her list of accolades, telling the story of her amazing career, her struggle with IVF and the magical arrival of her sons.


We managed to put the book – titled ‘My Boys, My Body, My Business’ – down for just long enough to grab a quick chat.

SM: We loved the observation you made in your book about British women feeling embarrassed to admit that they want to make money. If you could give one piece of advice on this subject, what would it be?

Caprice: Don’t be embarrassed about being ambitious. Independence is your happiness. Don’t ever be ashamed of making money. The only piece of advice I would say is always have integrity and don’t burn bridges to get ahead.

SM: The story of how your gorgeous boys came into the world is an incredible one (Caprice found out she was pregnant whilst a surrogate was carrying her other son, thus the boys are mere weeks apart in age) In your extensive work with IVF/Women’s charities, have you ever met anyone else whom this has happened to – or was your experience really one in a million? 

 Caprice: Not one person, neither has my doctor who has been in the business for 25 years. Both of my boys are my miracle boys and I feel very thankful and blessed.

SM: You’ve graced over 250 magazine covers. Which will be the first one you’ll show the boys?

Caprice: Probably one of my Maxim or GQ front covers.  I’ll say, see mommy used to look like that.

SM: And any plans for a childrenswear collection…?

Caprice: I do have a project in the pipeline that is related to children. Once I will launch that, children’s wear is definitely on my agenda.

SM: And finally, we are in the final week of voting for our Mummy Must Have Awards (#MMHA 2015) are there any standouts for you? 

Caprice: Becky Mantin’s nappy change kit looks like a really clever invention. Very handy for on the go! Being an advocate of organic food, I would also have to opt for Buko’s Coconut Water aimed at the whole family.

Nappy Grab bag 1 to 6 (2) buko

‘My Boys, My Body, My Business’ by Caprice Bourret is available now through Blink Publishing

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