SM chats to… Kristi and Emma of BerryClever

If you’ve not yet discovered BerryClever it’s definitely a site to scope before you buy anything new for your kids or pets. The site provides peer recommendations for a huge range of products and it’s directors Kristi and Emma work tirelessly to ensure their advice is trustworthy. We caught up with them and found out what made these two former City workers decide to trade it all in to work with children and animals…
Photo Emma and Kristi
SM: How did BerryClever come about?
Emma: Kristi and I both experienced that sense of being overwhelmed as expectant mums when it came to buying baby products. We both leant on our friends and families for advice, who all gave us a shopping list of things they had used. This was where the idea for BerryClever was formed. We wanted a place where parents could go to get trusted advice about baby products from people they know. When we researched what our audience wanted, we discovered that 86% of new mums leant on their friends and family first when considering what to buy for their children. We also found that 86% of mums preferred to read reviews from people they know and trust. is a unique online environment, which allows you to connect with existing friends and new like-minded ones to discover the products they love, regret or simply can’t live without. You simply log onto the site to browse and discover new products, and read other parents’ reviews. BerryClever’s reviews, known as ‘tips’, are no longer than 150 characters making them quick to write and read on mobile devices and ideal for busy mums on the go. Our hope is that we help parents make the right decision about what to buy, and also to give them new ideas for making life easier! There are so many baby products out there, so BerryClever is a great way of wading through all of the products and find what’s right for you. There are also lots of great pre complied lists that you can browse, these will give you ideas on the best products for dealing with certain issues such as teething or colds, or just to prepare you for different stages in your baby’s life like weaning, bathing, feeding or changing. 
SM: What has been the biggest challenge for you as a business?
BerryClever: We had a host of product features and ideas prior to launch and the most difficult thing to do was decide on which products to launch with and test first. With a limited budget we chose those which we felt would give us the most significant learnings to take the product forward.
SM: Coming from corporate backgrounds, do you miss wearing suits for work?
BerryClever: Not at all!  We mostly get to wear jeans to work, and dress up a bit more for meetings.  It’s a good mix!
SM: Being mums and pet owners yourselves, do you find you tend to agree with the tips on your site, or are there products that surprise you?
BerryClever: There are definitely products that we loved, and then found that lots of other mums didn’t like them (and they listed out great reasons for why they didn’t like them!). Most of all, we’ve discovered a lot of really innovative and helpful products that get highly reviewed, or that other parents suggest that we put on the site. Some of these products are quite simple, and will make such a big difference!
SM: Which of your respective babies, dogs and cats is the most difficult to shop for?
BerryClever: we think puppy Parker is probably the most difficult to shop for, because he is less able to tell us what he loves, mehs or wishes he had.
SM:  What’s next for the business?
BerryClever: We’re always working on refining our website and making it easier for people to use.  We are working on lots of new features and designs that we hope our members will love!