SM reviews… Back to school labels from

We tested a Starter Pack from, which includes a variety of back-to-school labels and stickers.

SM  tester writes: There’s a recognised condition called Seamstress’ Finger, which essentially leads to deformed and painful hands as a result of excessive sewing. 

What do we learn from this? Well, that life is too short to be sewing name tapes into school uniform, that’s for sure!

My Name Label know a few things about getting school kit tagged up, namely:

  • Kids want their labels to be bright, cool and easy to spot amongst the bun-fight that is a school changing room
  • Modern kids have all sorts of random things that need labeling (tablets, bikes, hockey sticks…)
  • Parents don’t want to order 100 shoe stickers just to label one set of school shoes.

If this all sounds familiar, check out the Starter Pack on their site, which includes 20 big stickers, 20 small stickers, 20 mini stickers, 3 pairs shoe labels (plus protective overlays), 1 bag tag, 25 standard iron-on clothing labels and 20 mini iron-on clothing labels.

Your kids can choose the colour, font and a picture from a huge selection to create labels that really sum them up; from pirate skulls to skateboards and ponies – there’s something for all. Unless you have a triple barreled surname or a title you can add in your child’s class or a phone number as well- it won’t fit on all sizes but is an added perk. 

The iron on labels are pretty simple to use – it does tell you on the instructions that if you iron without the protective overlay then the sticker will melt all over your iron, but if you forget this (or you’ve drifted off into a daze listening to The Archers) it doesn’t actually melt straight away – there’s enough time to rectify the situation! The labels will last in the wash or dryer – maybe not forever, but hey – you’ve got plenty in the pack!

The stickers are a huge hit – great for everything from folders to pencil cases to travel passes to lunchboxes, and the ones designed for inside shoes actually work really well on scooters too. The bag tag is great- like a grown up luggage tag – easy to transfer from bag to bag (if your child is fickle) as well. 

The whole pack costs £22 and will last you at least a couple of terms.