SM reviews… Bobux Baby and Toddler shoes

Bobux is a family run business based in New Zealand, supplying their range of soft sole shoes for children’s developing feet to parents and stores worldwide.

Editor review: If, like me, you have a child who is a higgledy piggledy wriggler then a couple of things are likely. One; they will normally be preceded by the sound of a ball bouncing in front of them, followed by a jump and a thump and a skip and a slide as they scamper afterwards… and two; they will almost never manage to keep a pair of shoes on their feet for longer than thirty seconds. 

Like me, if this isn’t your first child, you might have simply let them run barefoot – ignoring the patronising words of do-gooders in the supermarket queue – hoping they’d figure it out by Winter time. 

If you have a child like mine, Bobux shoes will change both yours and their lives. Designed to mimic barefoot movement, the shoes are beautifully crafted from supersoft leather and suede and built to stay put – even on the most higgledy wriggledy ball kicking, chair climbing, toe tapping little feet. 

My son tested the Outback Boots from the iWalk collection in adorable cherry red. From the second he laid eyes on them, tissue wrapped in the box, he was in love. On they went to his teeny feet and on they stayed.

Not once did I need to hunt for a stray, scornfully tossed shoe, not once did I need to upturn the toy chest, ransack the car or rummage in the dog’s bed. And why – well, not only does the clever design mean that they stick like glue to running, jumping, climbing feet but they are also so lovely to wear that even the most difficult of customers will want to keep them on. 

So bounce, bounce goes the ball… and jump, skip, tippy-tap goes my son. All the way until bedtime, when, having had his bath and in his cosy pjs I catch him – tongue stuck out with concentration – trying to put his new boots back on again…

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