SM reviews: Keen Hikeport kids’ waterproof shoes

Editor writes: “My eldest son is a BOY.  Not a jumping in the odd puddle, let-it-rain-who-cares-I’ve-a-train-upstairs kind of boy, an all-out ‘let the Wild Rumpus begin’ campfire loving, stick waving, den building BOY.

So shoes are a problem. He wants to look cool but trainers just fall off his feet in tatters. Wellies just don’t cut it when he needs to run up a tree trunk like a pirate climbing the main-sail. And he can’t wear big boots and still do tricks on his bike. 

Sometimes I’ve thought about just letting him run around naked like Mowgli. But thankfully, help is at hand. 

If you haven’t come across Keen footwear before, it’s what I would call ‘intelligent outdoorsy’.

We tested a pair of Hikeport boots in junior size 12 – they come in a few colourways but the blue and red combo we tried was a) a hit with my son b) smart enough to wear the odd time at school and c) easy to spot in the pile at soft play. Made from waterproof leather, with a rubber sole and kid-friendly bungee laces/velcro fastenings – as shoes come, they are pretty robust. 

The first time my son wore them he went out with his Dad to walk the dogs and returned literally head-to-toe covered in muck. Apparently, he and the dog had been playing Hide and Seek in a patch of gorse. The shoes just needed a rinse and then dried out, whereas my son needed a shower, hair wash and fresh clothes.”

RRP £59.99 – order online or see website for stockists.