SM reviews…Puzzle Club Magazine

Puzzle Club Magazine is a new edition from the Puzzler family and is a puzzle-based education magazine. Aimed at Ket Stage 2 level children between the agoes od 7 and 11 year old and contains 64 pages supporting learning in the core subjects of the National Curriculum.

Our SM tester says: I hate car journeys. I especially hate car journeys when I have a repeat drone of “Are we there yet?”, “I’m bored” and “The ipod’s not working”. My children are a joy, genuinely, but a car ride with them is bound to set the best Earth Mother into a steady decline of drink and pizza. The best way to make the M25 as stress free as possible is to plug them into some inane animal cartoon show and then I feel even worse as a parent. Am I brainwashing them with the tiger that has a thick American accent and orders ice cream? Luckily, I have found a solution. The Puzzle Club is a new magazine that contains various fun puzzles that support the National Curriculum, especially English, Maths and Science in the form of colour-by-numbers, crosswords and odd-one-out pictures to name a few. It’s actually a really fun and informative read and because it has 64 pages, it’s unlikely to run out anytime soon. It is the perfect car companion. However, the annoying questions still remain. “My bum hurts”, “I lost my pen” and “Who’s William Blake?”. Woah. That last one came out of left field.