SM reviews… Skin Elixir Organic Frankincense & May Chang Moisturiser

Organic brand Skin Elixir’s moisturiser is handmade in Nottingham, suitable for face and body and costs £22 for 60ml. We tested.

SM tester writes: “Apparently Sadie Frost can’t get enough of this one, and let’s face it, she lives our kinda life (kids, cocktails, a business to run…) but still looks hot. So if this is the solution, we want to try it! 

If you’ve ever tried the Neal’s Yard Frankincense range you’ll know how restorative it is for dry, flaky skin. Well this is a whole other level; the deepest, richest salve you’ll have ever put on your face – yet it sinks in quickly. It reminds me a bit of putting Weleda’s Skin Food on overnight as a mask (which I do in the depths of Winter when I start to panic about wrinkles) but this is super-wearable (you could even moisturise at your desk at work without looking like you’ve run up several flights of stairs).

The other ingredient in this balm is May Chang, which is citrusy and therefore a natural anti-inflammatory. So despite being super-emollient, the balm keeps oil and sebum in check. 

The scent is quite interesting; not unpleasant at all, just quite unusual. Frankincense is meant to be good for clearing the mind (by which they mean finding your inner calm – as opposed to totally blanking out due to nappy brain!) and I guess it sort of makes me think of pine forests. 

Best of all with this product, you only need the teenist bit. So one 60ml tub might well banish my wrinkles from now until I’m an actual pensioner… “

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