SM reviews… The Snugglebundl

The Snugglebundl has won countless parenting awards, helping parents lift and lay a sleeping baby without straining back/tummy muscles – and more to the point – without waking the baby. Sleep expert Jo Tantum called it ‘a mummy and baby must have..’ so obviously we were keen to test it out.

Editor writes: “This is literally the best baby product we have ever had,” quipped my other half, when this arrived and we put the baby in it. “,The only thing I hate about it is the name – I sound silly saying it…”

He carries on (he’s off on one…) “,it’s kind of a bit like what I imagine ninjas would carry their knives and stuff around in…the way the cloth folds is so simple it seems like Japanese design…” 

“Riiight…,” I say. 

Basically, the Snugglebundl is an incredibly efficient way to move a sleeping baby from carseat to cot to bouncer/napper etc without them so much as murmuring. It is super light and has a head support, so little one is comfortable and at the right angle, the lining is brushed cotton so it is cosy but not too hot and it comes in a range of on-trend designs (including grey stars). It is all super sturdy – no need to worry about heavier babies – and if you’re not carrying the baby in it you’ll find it’s also pretty handy for scooping up bits of LEGO and carting them back to an upstairs bedroom… (Also perfect size to carry your yoga mat in.)

As for ninjas; I’m not sure if they’ve come across the Snugglebundl yet, but am sure it would serve their purpose. Obviously, if they want to take mine they’ll have to fight my other half for it first...

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The Snugglebundl has passed crash tests and certified car safe in the EU and USA in both three and five point harness car seats.