SM reviews… The Timex Kids’ Analog Time Teacher Watch

Timex have a new range of children’s watches, both analog and digital, designed to help the younger ones learn to tell the time and give the slightly older ones a durable, fashionable, easy read option.

We tested out the Kids Analog Time Teacher in an Octopus colourway.

SM tester writes: “Oh gosh I dread that point when my kids get to learning-the-time age. I know it is a rite of passage and a key life skill, but there is so much to the process that just does not compute to a five-year-old brain. “Why is it 15 past and not 3 past?” “But Mum, you just said it was quarter past?” Aaargh! 

In this case the difficulty is compounded by the fact that Caspar is very much more contrary than his sisters were. Up is Down most days, you know the sort…?

Timex are obviously a stalwart watch brand; my own first watch was a Timex. One of those ones with the black leather strap and white face and is the sort of ‘design classic’ you’d imagine the secretaries in Mad Men wearing. It’s also the sort of brand that can be easily repaired (I remember going in to the High St jewelers and having batteries changed and straps replaced as a child.)

We reviewed one of the new kids’ collection. Ours was orange and green, with a friendly looking octopus on it. Clock-topus, my son calls it. It is water resistant (for when they forget to take it off for swimming, or over zealous hand-washing) and you can adjust the strap. The face is plastic, making it a bit lighter and less likely to smash during playground footie. 

Better still, the hour and minute hands are marked ‘hour’ and ‘minute’ and are different colours. The minutes are then marked in their increments (five past, ten past). So it’s easier to comprehend but still has some semblance of a traditional clock face – so what has been learned this way doesn’t then need to be re-explained. 

The other handy thing is that the adjustment dial is quite difficult for little fingers to alter (unlike the Gro Clock, which every one of my children has reset from an early age!) so the chances are the time set will stay in line with GMT.

I’d love to say that when asked what the time is my son precociously tells me that it is half past three; more likely he’ll still yell ‘Dinner Time!’ and chase me ’round the garden like a maniac. But, he hasn’t taken it off yet and – as we know with fickle five year olds – that in itself is something positive…”

The Timex Kids’ range starts at £24.99 and is available online from Timex or in many high street stores.

Tested by Miriam and Caspar