SM reviews… Vitamin Injections Vitamin B Complex Patches

Headed by experienced IV/IM practitioner and skin specialist Bianca Estelle, the Vitamin Injections London clinic provides IV doses that do everything from burning fat to curing hangovers.

Their Vitamin Skin Patches can be used on the go and provide 12 hour continual doses of essential vits – apparently a much better way to absorb them than in tablet form.

We tested the Vitamin B complex 30 day supply, RRP £45

SM Tester writes: “Vitamin B boosts brain and metabolism; ie it is the one that helps you remember where you left the car keys and stops you falling asleep face down in a bowl of yoghurt. So the more the merrier, right? Well, apparently it’s all about getting a constant dose, rather than one big hit washed down with your morning OJ. 

These patches are little brown plasters you stick on your skin. You’ll start off putting them somewhere obvious and channeling your ‘inner Britney’ – but after a few cries of ‘Mum, it’s not fair, I wanna plaster tooooo…’ you’ll start sticking them in less visible spots. Suffice to say it is that simple; they stay on in the shower if you are careful and if you stuck one on your bum you will get funny looks in the gym )

Personally, I go weeks forgetting to take vitamin pills, so this format works well as I can keep them in my handbag (30 days’ supply is roughly the size of a travel card) and stick them on between meetings or on those rare occasions I’m ten mins early at the school gates (although on these occasions I might stick them on my arm not my derriere..)”

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