#SM Sleep Week: The Serenity Star from aden + anais

In ’round off to our Sleep Week features, one of our SM testers tried the Serenity Star from aden + anais out on her newborn son.
The lowdown: this nifty little gadget is a night light, sound machine, temperature monitor, feeding timer – and usefully also (for new mums) a clock to see how many hours left til bedtime or what time ‘Neighbours’ is on TV.
Our SM Tester says: I am currently in the magical and dream-like state of dealing with a two-week old newborn. Gone are my cravings for macaroni cheese (although the calorie content can still be found on my thighs) and in are sleepless nights and stitches.
However, this is not a new experience for me: with a toddler of two and a half already, the newborn housemate has no choice but to get with the programme and chip in. No neatly folded, carefully ironed clothes; no time to spend endless hours gazing at his peaceful sleeping face; no point cooing over the mustard factory in his nappy.
In fact, it is like someone has pressed fast-forward on my life and suddenly everything needs to be done in half the time. I don’t have time to sing for hours on end, nor to carefully log each feed in my leather bound ‘baby book’; the room thermometer from my first child is gathering dust in the corner and we don’t have a night light – quite frankly, I forgot to buy one.
I feel guilty. My second child is every bit as precious as my first, but I just do not have the time to spend fussing and fretting as before. I want the essentials for my second – out with the worries and in with the necessities. Security; safety; food; cleanliness and, above all, love.
The good thing I found about the aden+anais Serenity Star is that is does just that. For me, this handy little gadget gets rid of the fuss and gives you exactly what you want. With features including a clock, temperature check, nightlight, sound machine and even a feeding diary, I had everything myself and my precious second bundle needed, in one place.
The star shape looks attractive in our (sadly not yet re-done) blue and white nursery and the mains and battery options means it is easily transportable too. The low-level soft light is bright enough to make a warm glow in the room, but not too bright that it causes him to wake up (tick box for feeling secure and giving Mummy extra sleeping time). The temperature check with a blue glow for ‘cold’, ‘red’ for hot and ‘white’ for just right (how very Goldilocks), means I don’t need to scramble around tiptoeing trying to check if he is about to freeze or boil without putting the light on and waking him up (tick box for safety). The sound machine plays two varieties of lullabies as well as having a setting for omitting white noise and a heartbeat, means I can make my little one feel snug, whilst reading a story to my toddler downstairs. And,lastly, the feeding diary means my frazzled brain has one less thing to think about.
But most of all, this product is something new. New for him.  And special. It may have all the features we have already seen, but not in this package. Just like my second child.