SM tests: a gastric band in a drink from Proto-Col

We were sent a product recently called Slim Fizz, made by Proto-Col, which claimed to be a gastric band in a drink.

Intrigued? We were too. Our SM tester gave it a whirl…

SM tester: This product comes in a tube that looks like a Berocca tube, and the tablets you dissolve in water are pretty similar. But unlike Berocca, if you leave this one fizzing in the glass whilst you’re on the phone then it does in the glass what it will ultimately do in your stomach – ie sets to a wallpaper paste type gel.

Sounds a bit weird? Well – don’t be put off just yet as actually it doesn’t taste terrible if you drink it quickly and the ingredients are natural (derived from the Konjac plant). The premise is really simple – the gel fills you up and as a result you lay off the Creme Eggs. 

When I tried it at first I didn’t feel completely full, but resisted snacking and when it came to dinner time I did only eat half a portion of pasta. And didn’t raid the fridge afterwards. 

You can take it three times a day, I actually only did it twice a day as I was still full from the lunchtime dose. I think when I go back to work I’ll take these in my bag as I’m always tempted to snack at my desk. 

Find out more and order Slim Fizz here.