SM tests… Bioskin Junior from Salcura

Any mum of a little one with eczema or dry skin conditions knows one thing – their child will not stand still whilst thick (cold) emollient is rubbed in. No amount of ‘it will make it better’ makes it seem better – and many of the over the counter treatments are so harsh that you worry about the liberal amounts anyhow.

Salcura have created the Bioskin Junior range – a toolkit designed for dry and sensitive little skins which includes bath milk, shampoo, daily nourishing spray, outbreak rescue cream and body wash.

We tested the spray and the bath milk – both available to order online.

Our SM tester writes: “I loved the idea of the nourishing spray as it’s full of natural ingredients (lavender, sea buckthorn, rosemary) and I always feel guilty when I have to use a prescription cream on my son. The great thing about having a spray is that a) you can easily apply it anywhere – even after swimming in a tiny cubicle – and b) you can make the application into a game by pretending it is a water pistol or space tazer or you are a world class graffiti artist (my son thinks this would be an ideal job to have!) It’s not like spraying sunblock – it’s more of a liquid with no need to rub in – and it boosts skin regeneration. 

The bath milk was a family favourite – not only with the kids but with my husband too – it smells lovely, it turns the bath to ‘milk’ (very Cleopatra) and doesn’t make the bath slippy. What’s more, even if they just splosh about it it for a few minutes you can literally see how much ‘happier’ their skin looks (OK, I didn’t go in for a close up on my husband) and they really are happy to have it poured  in the bath.”