SM tests… EQ Suncare

Surfers: they know a lot about respecting the ocean but not that much about keeping their skin and hair un-damaged by the sun, right?

Well yes – up until EQ stepped in, creating the world’s first sun care range that is also respectful to the marine environment and coral reefs. Like- super awesome, dudes…

So – for example – EQ’s SPF 50 combo sunscreen comes in a handy tube of cream, with a rollerball stick lid; covering off body/face/lips in one handy, organic, powerful go…

We checked out some of the range:

SM tester writes: The EQ range is created to respect the environment and was tried and tested on surfers. I tried it out on my own little army of sunseekers in the garden paddling pool. 

I definitely thought the factor 50 combi stick/cream was a great multi-tasking idea; definitely one to keep in the changing bag as it doesn’t take up much room, leak or spill. It’s basically enough for if you are out and about and need a sunscreen top up – or a little extra love on lips, necks. ears – you know, all the burn spots… The ingredients include good things like apricot seed and rosehip oil, shea butter and Amazonian inchi oil, so you can feel pretty heroic about slapping it on your little ones’ skin (and your own too).

Unlike some sunscreens, it smells nice and rubs in easily  – so no protests from the kids and you can basically sneak up on them, splodge it on and rub in all in about ten seconds. The idea is that you can use this one for Winter sun too when you hit the slopes (not that I’ve tried that yet with my brood, but you can see the appeal to the surfer community) and if you did take it traveling it would tuck nicely into hand luggage too.

I also tried the Dry Oil Huile Mervielleuse, which is made with Brazilian buriti oil and can be used as an aftersun on skin or hair. I actually used a few drops on my own frizzy mop after taking the kids to the swimming pool and forgetting to bring any shampoo (or any other haircare products). A few drops did perk up my mane – I then just went for it and put loads on, left it overnight and woke up frizz free and smelling lovely… Would definitely recommend giving this a go if you’ve ended up with hair that looks like Brad from Neighbours.

Editor’s tip: whilst you’re on that surfer vibe, check out the gorgeous range of swimwear and UV protective clothing from Sunuva including this watermelon rash vest...