SM tests… Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Prevention System

Says Sophie Hooper, Secret Saviours co-founder and mum, “Women tend to spend their hard earned cash on their baby rather than themselves during pregnancy, in fact our research revealed that over 90% of users spent up to just £1,000 on themselves during pregnancy, but 96% spent up to £5,000 on products for their baby.  So if pregnant women are going to buy a product to prevent stretch marks, they need to know it will work. We already have a clinical trial proving the product works, but to have customers across the board give Secret Saviours such a massive thumbs up is fantastic.  We can now categorically say that we are THE product to prevent stretchmarks. Nearly 90% of respondents expected to get stretch marks during pregnancy but with Secret Saviours, stretch marks are no longer inevitable, but preventable.”

Sound  too good to be true…? We tested the system out…

SM tester writes: ” with a first time pregnancy we are so worried about any little marks – nightly slapping on anything that claims to soften, smooth, prevent… A few kids down the line and it’s just par for the course… But according to Secret Saviours, this doesn’t have to be the case and they have invented a system involving a band (like a bump band), plus day and night cream.

Before the kit arrived, I must say I was stuck in an NHS waiting room for a few hours and watched the advert for the product on Baby TV about 25 times. There were lots of red arrows; it looked complicated (and somewhat painful!)

But then my lovely, marshmallow pink band arrived – you measure your bump as they come in different sizes (and colours) and you wear it just like a bump band – for daily support. The inside of the band looks a bit like bobbly Artex and the idea is you rub in some day lotion (very light, fresh smelling, sinks in quickly) to your belly in the morning, pull on the band, wear it all day and when you take it off you apply some of the (slightly richer, just as lovely smelling) night cream before bed. The bobbles in the band disperse the pressure, making for fewer stretch marks… 

If this seems like a lot of faff, it really isn’t – especially if you’d be wearing a support band anyway.  And it just goes in the washing machine too.

As I mentioned before, this isn’t my first child, so before I started testing this, there were already a few marks ready to pop – as it were. But four weeks in, they haven’t – despite my belly being larger in trimester two than I was at due date with my first and the only other TLC I’ve had time for (besides this) is a bit of moisturising shower gel in the morning. So (unlike baby one) no yoga, no forcing my other half to massage the bump whilst reading it Kafka, no special diet …

There is no doubt this system does work; whether there are other methods that might work just as well for you I guess depends on your physique before you were pregnant and how much time you have to devote to banishing stretch marks. Personally, I think it’s great and works for me in the eleven seconds of ‘me time’ I am currently allowed…”

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