SM tests… the BDA bra from Belly Bandit

We’ve raved about the genius of the Belly Bandit range before and their BDA bra (designed for before, during and after wear) is no exception. Available in four sizes and in a choice of black or nude, it’s the only pregnancy and nursing bra you’ll need… (well, maybe get a couple!)

We tested…

SM tester writes: OK so, maternity bras. They tend to suck in so many ways you never thought a bra could. You’ve either had to size up to something that gives you Wonder Woman torpedo boobs but cuts shreds into your shoulders, or you’ve got ‘side boob’ because your milk has come in to one side and not the other. Either way, by 4pm you’re wondering how to get the damn thing off without getting funny looks in the office. And nursing bras – forget it. Hands up who has put their hands up (for whatever reason) and as a result their breasts have pinged out of the flimsy clasps? Either way, (and despite the fear that without suspension our breasts will end up ’round our ankles) general consensus is that bras are rubbish when  your bosoms aren’t behaving in a predictable way…

Drum roll please; enter centre stage the BDA bra from the clever types at Belly Bandit. It’s super light, has no wires or clasps – yet is amazingly supportive. Nice wide straps stay on your shoulders (even at night, as you can sleep in this one too) and you can just hoik a boob out the middle if you’re breastfeeding (or you just need to give it a bit of a rub…)

It comes in black or nude – you could probably get away with wearing the black one as a bikini top – and the sizing chart on the website is pretty comprehensive (and accommodates up to an H cup).

Buy online or in Mothercare.