SM tests… The Ergobaby Adapt Carrier

You’ll see the Ergobaby Adapt carrier was the subject of our Behind the Design feature in the Winter issue of the magazine.

Find out what our SM tester thought of it, below…


SM tester writes: “my daughter was 9lb at birth and at five months was nearly twice that. ‘She’s a healthy weight’ was what everybody said… but to me it meant one thing: havoc on my back. 

When you have other children to contend with also, you often find yourself picking your baby up at an odd angle anyway (ie you forget to bend from the knee etc) because chances are at the same time you’re trying to entertain a toddler by doing keepie-uppies with a balloon or you’re kicking a bit of lego under the sofa because you can’t be bothered to tidy it up… Sound familiar? (It’s not just me, right?)

Anyway – I had this Utopian idea that when the new baby came along the Bugaboo would come back out of the shed and we’d be nipping about in it. But what in fact happened when the buggy was re-introduced was that the bigger kids just wanted to ride in it again. 

So, Plan B; put the baby in a carrier, push the buggy. 

What I liked most about the Ergobaby Adapt was the simplicity. Once you’ve fiddled around to set the straps the way you want them, you hardly need to adjust them again, just clip the carrier on and off each time. With the Adapt you don’t need a newborn insert and the baby is right next to your chest (and more to the point, boobs) and their bottom is snugly held in place by the bucket seat, which is roomy enough for my chubby daughter and is fairly wriggle-proof. 

The sleep-hood feature is useful too, not just for head support but also for privacy. Essentially, this carrier is a doddle to use and you can comfortably carry not just a heavy baby but also a toddler without straining your back. The multiple positions mean it functions as a front and back carrier, depending on yours and your child’s preference. 

It’s also worth mentioning, unlike some carriers, this one can just go in the washing machine if there’s a ‘little accident’. “

The carrier comes in black, grey, admiral and azure blue and is available from Mothercare and John Lewis, or online.