SM tests… the Nutribullet dessert bullet from HighStreetTV

This nifty gadget comes from the Nutribullet family and creates frozen treats. We thought it might be just the thing for a heatwave…

SM tester writes: “remember those Mr Frosty things we had as kids? Which were basically adding sugar syrup to crushed ice, but how fabulous did we all think it was? Fast forward thirty years and the principle is just as thrilling, but the result is super healthy and delicious. 

The Dessert Bullet essentially smushes up frozen fruit into something that looks (to even the most fussy child) like frozen yoghurt or gelato. You chop up fruit and freeze it: make yourself a little selection including 2 inch chunks of banana (these make the result surprisingly smooth and creamy), any sort of berry (for colour and taste), lovely seasonal delights like mango and papaya – and then just chuck a selection into the Bullet. If your kids need a bit of sweetness you could either toss in some coconut, or even chocolate chips – or sprinkle them on top at the table. 

You can change the nozzle to vary the way the dessert comes out (ie like a Mr Whippy, or like balls of ice cream) and obviously (you’d already thought of this, right?) it makes a kick ass Frozen Margarita. 

The bits that get dirty can just go in the dishwasher and it comes with a recipe book suggesting all sorts of super healthy alternatives to mint choc chip or whoopee pie – we’ve so far only done the fruity options but I imagine if you have family members who are gluten or dairy intolerant this gadget would be a godsend for puddings…”

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