SM tests… the Varidesk Soho Standing desk

The Varidesk Soho was designed for laptop users and pops up and down at the squeeze of a handle. It comes in a choice of white or black. We tested…

Editor writes: Victoria Beckham apparently does it – and at five months pregnant I’m loving it too. No, not ordering steamed spinach from a fancy restaurant,  but the new trend of standing up whilst at one’s desk.

Apparently, working like this for a year works off the equivalent in calories of running a marathon. Yep, just by standing up. It’s surprisingly comfy – in fact, when you’ve got pregnancy back aches and cramps it is bloody comfy indeed!

The idea with the Varidesk is that you can work either standing up or sitting – and the Soho model is so simple to switch between the two options and holds even my oversized laptop with ease. On handy other use that Varidesk may not have realised is that by leaving it in the upright position it prevents sticky fingered children accidentally deleting files by sneaking onto your laptop in the hope of finding ‘Happy Mrs Chicken’ or suchlike.

Another perk is that you can put your (in my case decaf) latte underneath the desk, thus avoiding that dreaded trip to the Apple store crying over spilled milk – as it were… (BTW, if you do spill on the Varidesk, just wipe it with soap and water.)

I’ve been using this desk daily for a few weeks now and I’d totally recommend it. It actually makes you think about your posture in general (I’m the worst culprit for slouching over the phone) and I’m sure has countless RSI benefits. The Varidesk website suggests you build yourself up gradually to the standing up all day option – but when you’re pregnant the choice of whether to stand or sit as the most comfy option is made by the small one inside you (or the size of the lunch you just engulfed!)

Buy the Soho Varidesk online here. RRP £150