#SMSleepWeek: Fresh Air and Lavender

Sleeping outdoors in a buggy – no matter what the weather – has been commonplace for Under 3’s in Scandinavia for almost a century. The principle of ‘Nordic Napping’ is that not only does the fresh air (and at -15 degrees it really is fresh!) help prevent coughs and colds but also that the children sleep for longer al fresco.

At most Scandinavian pre-schools you will see lines of strollers outside in the snow at nap time – although they do wrap up the strollers as well as the children.

Martin Jarnstrom, head of one of the Ur och Skur group of pre-schools , emphasises “,It’s very important that the children have wool closest to their body, warm clothes and a warm sleeping bag,” he says.

Planning to give this one a try? Our pick of the cosy stroller muffs and outdoor sleep-wear is below:

Be an urban penguin with these triple layered sleeping bags from Voksi. Waterproof, windproof, provides a sun shade and made from hypoallergenic materials.

Count little fluffy lambs as you slumber with the Woolibaloo sheepskin universal cocoon muff, available in charcoal, pink or red… So substantial you could use it on the lawn without a buggy (but keep an eye out as little ones do roll!)

Match stripey pyjamas with the adorable seaside stripe of the Duvet Weight Go-Go Bag from Merino Kids, with a double layer of organic cotton outer and a pure merino wool inner, this one is warm but prevents clamminess. Great for camping trips too as Merino Kids make them in up-to-four-years sizes.

For double impact, if you have lavender plants in your garden, try putting the little ones nearby for a nap. Lavender is said to increase slow-wave sleep, the deep slumber whereby the muscles fully relax and thus you will awake more refreshed. Not so green fingered? Cheat by rubbing a little of Purepotions Lavender Rescue Salve onto your child’s temples – it comes in a dinky pot and it super gentle, safe for even the most delicate skins.

Editor’s Tip: Tire them out Scandinavian style good and proper with some amazing outdoor Winter adventure holidays from Nature Travels – including dog sledding to see the Northern Lights!