#SMSleepWeek: Tossing and Turning

Whilst deadlines, arguments and the odd late night text might keep us from a good night’s sleep, two common problems for little ones are wetness and itching.

On a teenage camping trip once I recall rolling out of the tent and ending up in a puddle, whilst still asleep (don’t laugh). This was about the most uncomfortable night of my life but it is presumably what it feels like for a tot in nappies every single night time.

For most of us SM’s, Pampers Baby Dry  are a lifesaver as their micro pearls absorb wetness and draw it away from the skin, but one little tip we’ve loved and shared is to go up a size or two for a few extra hours dryness and sleep…Pampers recently teamed up with Sleep Expert Jo Tantum for their Love, Sleep and Play campaign.

If your tiny one suffers from dry skin, eczema, psoriais or the like then itching at night can be a real problem. Natural, breathable fibres for rompers and blankies (such as bamboo, organic cotton, merino, cashmere) are essential for maximum softness but topical help is at hand from Hope’s Relief – a range of theraputic products containing hospital grade Manuka honey, Calendula, Aloe Vera, Liquorice root and much more to soothe and repair damaged skin and aid rest. Available in the UK from www.mahinaturals.com