Some eye opening stats about Toddlers in the LEGO Duplo Survey 2015

LEGO Duplo recently surveyed parents of 1-5 year olds and the results might cause  you to spit up your cup of Darjeeling…LEGO DUPLO TOddler Survey  infographic FV Nov

  • Almost two out of ten toddlers receive at least £5 pocket money per week
  • Working parents actually spend more quality time playing with toddlers than those who stay at home
  • Nearly one in five 3 year olds has two digital devices
  • Almost half of today’s under-fives eat out once a week, one in ten have been to a festival and a quarter of toddlers enjoy two holidays per year
  • 43% of parents spend more than £100 on gifts

Read the survey in full here: LEGO DUPLO Toddler Survey Report FV Nov

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