Stroller days out: Brunch at Forman’s Fish Island

As our readers know, we love it when fabulous restaurants also extend their fabulousness to the dinky ones and to that extend we absolutely take our hats off to Lance Forman and his staff at their Fish Island restaurant – it is delightful, sophisticated and very child tolerant!

Editor writes: if you love the idea of a NY style brunch but you have children, then – let’s face it – it will probably never happen. That magical pairing of fluffy eggs and a glass of something fizzy enjoyed whilst perusing the papers is all but a pipe-dream when weekend breakfast has sunk to soggy weetabix on the sofa at 6am in front of Milkshake. By the time 11am arrives you’ve either a) gone back to bed or b) broken into the Xmas chocolate stash.

But once in a while – heck, you deserve it – pile them all into the car and bribe them with Kinder eggs. Brunch is a lovely thing, and having children in tow doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed somewhere ‘grown up’.IMG_7711

Forman’s Fish Island is the restaurant of the Forman family, who have been smoking salmon in London for four generations. Located right on the bank s of the Olympic stadium, not only is the view spectacular but if looking at it through the pristine glass windows wasn’t enough then there is also an outdoor deck area. Very exciting for little boat lovers too as the canal is full of some beauties and narrowboat owners tend to be quite liberal with their waving.


The brunch menu is traditional (fish, eggs, meat, fizz) but incredibly well cooked, with delicious homemade sourdough bread – and of course the famous London cured smoked salmon. We adults paired ours with a glass of Chapel Down English Sparking wine and the kids had a plate of salmon goujons (huge portions, happy kids), a super thin crust pizza and some fizzy water.


Afterwards, my children (who had gotten their eggy, buttery fingers all over the clean glass tables and chairs already) were invited to see the smoke house – lifted up to view the fish being hot and cold cured and hence smearing butter all over the windows. 

Not only was the whole experience (food, wine, view, service) impeccable but the staff did not once tut or bat an eyelid at any of the antics from my troupe of monkeys. Highly recommended (I even got to read one whole page of The Independent) and a surprisingly enjoyable family outing.