Stroller Days Out: Free London Guided Walks

There are lots of things we *could* do whilst pushing a buggy. Recite times-tables to our newborn prodigy, jog – or some other form of new parent torture – push forwards and backwards and forwards and backwards because the rocking motion sends diddle dumpling off to sleep…

step back in time with on a guided walk…

Or, you could walk around central London (like you used to before kids) and learn something you never knew (like when you paid attention in History class) as you step back in time on a guided historical walk.

BEE Midtown is an organisation which strives to improve the sustainability and philanthropy of London’s Midtown areas (Bloomsbury, Clerkenwell, St Giles, Holborn) and their programme of free guided walks is just one of the jolly good works that they do.

The new buildings at Central Saint Giles in London.

Midtown’s heritage is peppered with ghosts, murders, gallows and unexploded bombs;¬† you can learn about all of these before baby boo can understand the concepts whilst striding the streets for between 45 mins and two hours. More kid-friendly¬†maybe, stroll the path of the Suffragettes, or Bonnie Prince Charlie. Or just learn about how the streets got their names.

Download the full programme of walks here.