Stuart Cauldwell, Head Chef at Roast, shares his tips for perfect spuds and gravy…

Need to pull something spectacular together for relatives tomorrow? Forget the table centrepiece and mood lighting, the trick to making Xmas Dinner perfection is those roast potatoes.

And nobody does them better than Stuart Cauldwell, head chef at Roast Restaurant. But he helpfully shared his secret…

Tips for tasty roast potatoes:

  • After you par boil your potatoes, make sure to fluff them up, as this will release steam, which dries up the potatoes. This is what makes them nice and crunchy on the outside once they are roasted.
  • You can use olive oil to cook the potatoes as a healthier alternative but for the ultimate roastie, goose fat is the best to use, you can get this from your local butcher.
  • For best flavours, always season with rock salt and fresh herbs. Rosemary and thyme complement roasties beautifully.

Tips for a savoury gravy:

• Always use the juices from the meat – this adds a depth of flavour to your gravy. Cook your meat and vegetables together so that the juices from the meat are released into the vegetables as they cook.
• Always caramelise your vegetables before adding wine and stock.
• To thicken, add flour to the vegetables so it forms a paste-like consistency, add the wine before gradually adding the stock to form your required thickness of gravy.