Support the #dadsforchange campaign with Tommee Tippee and The Dads’ Network

Our deepest sympathies go out to the Dads of the world who – on daddy daycare days – are left distraught because when it comes to finding somewhere clean, spacious and hygienic to change the baby-boo’s botty, the Gents, by all accounts, just don’t cut it.

We will preface pledging our support by making the point that every woman is no doubt screaming here: if men stopped weeing on their own toilet floors then the Gents wouldn’t be (what my own son calls) ‘stinky poo poo’.

But – nevertheless, it is a very valid point that in the most cases, if there is a changing facility that isn’t unisex, it is in the Ladies only. And even if the Gents isn’t a river of man-wee and littered with those weird blue block urinal things at toddler height then doubtless there would be a surface wide enough to lay a changing mat on (other than the floor) or even a stall with any privacy. So, we do see the point of The Dads’ Network, who are campaigning for a better deal.

Tommee Tippee have stepped into this and are offering those nice places that do think about Dads who need to do a ‘downstairs maneuver’ with their dinky one the chance to go one better and claim a Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal for free to install in their changing area,

Editor writes: One of our writers shared an anecdote in our office whereby her husband (early into the whole parenting game – possibly the first time left ‘in charge’) had come home outraged, with a soaking wet child, claiming that there was nowhere to change said baby and that he’d had to do it on the floor, all the clean nappies spilled out of the bag and got wet, he had to wrap the child in a muslin, which then dragged on the wet floor – and on realising this wasn’t too clean – had then rinsed it under the tap. Our writer (horrified) asked where on earth this hell hole was – and her sheepish husband said ‘err… the local pub.’