Support the ‘Give Me Space’ campaign for better family parking

How many times have you wondered – probably whilst driving ’round a multistorey with a car full of kids complaining about why they need to come shopping in the first place – why there just aren’t more parent and child parking spaces..?

Or maybe you’ve been parked in so close that you can neither get your toddler in their carseat via the passenger door nor the stroller into the boot..? Or unable to manouvre your bump into the driver’s seat because you can’t fully open the door?

The ‘Give Me Space’ campaign has been created to instigate positive change, after a frustrated mum decided enough was enough. Lisa Roberts, business owner and mum of two conducted a study of 2,000 parents, which has revealed that 90 percent of parents and caregivers share her frustrations with the current parking allocations, and 83 percent would like the government to introduce change.

The study has revealed that 90 percent of parents and caregivers have been forced to put their own, or their children’s safety at risk, due to the lack of parent and child spaces available in public places, such as supermarkets and leisure centres. The most shocking revelation, was that over half of all pregnant women claim to have been forced to apply excessive pressure on their unborn child, when trying to get back into their vehicle (52%).

When asked, 83 percent of the parents and caregivers that took part in the study said they would back the campaign to ask government to introduce new recommendations on parent and child spaces, similar to the recommendations set out for disabled parking spaces.


If this is something you feel strongly about also, join the campaign in the following ways:

  • Sign the petition for change here, and then share it on social media.
  • Support the campaign on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Channels using the hashtag #givemespace
  • Order your free car sticker pack and get them on your windows at