SWAG Jewellers announces the pioneering ‘Circle of Life’ collection

From Monday 15th November, when new babies are registered in the UK their parents will receive a copy of ‘Your Parent Guide’, put together by the government to include vital contacts and helpful advice. Included in the guide will be crucial information about Post Natal Depression, including identifying symptoms and getting help.

With up to 15% of mothers suffering from pre or post-natal depression, it is obviously a cause close to our hearts – and also to the hearts of the Ferris family, whose SWAG jewellery business has grown into a nationwide brand since its humble beginning in the late 70s.

SWAG will be an official partner of Your Parent Guide and has created a beautiful range of jewellery to mark the birth of a child, for which 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the PND charity PANDAS.

The first collection is called ‘Circle of Life’ and is inspired by an eternity band, including diamonds paired with colourful stones such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies.

(Editor writes): when we were first asked to get involved with promoting this initiative, we did wonder if – to put it bluntly – bling was the solution to PND. Across our editorial team a few of us have been touched by varying levels of the crippling illness; I myself had a few ‘dark moments’ following the birth of my first son when my husband was working away for weeks on end (you know, those ‘why won’t you eat the Shepherd’s Pie I lovingly made from scratch and then mushed up for you?’ times when you both end up in tears) and we also reached out to friends who had suffered much worse. Surprisingly (actually, not surprisingly really) the feedback on the matter was incredibly positive. Getting jewellery is a lovely thing – whether it is to bolster feelings of self-worth or not – and having a child is a magical moment which could be delightfully commemorated with a keepsake (and future heirloom).

At the ‘Circle of Life’ launch event at Mayfair’s Morton’s Club, Ed Ferris (MD of SWAG) told me that the charming tradition of fathers giving their partner a piece of jewellery following a birth was all the rage in our grandfathers’ era (hospitals even stocked jewellery in their gift kiosks) but it seems to me that these days the happy event is more likely commemorated with a selfie stick (or, if the Dad in question happens to be Robbie Williams, by singing the Frozen song to one’s wife).

SWAG (which will be promoting the ‘Circle of Life’ collection in the government initiative ‘Your Parent Guide’) is simply a jeweller with strong family values creating, branding and retailing something to inspire fathers. Personally, I think it’s a great idea – and having seen the ‘Circle of Life’ pieces close up – I think that this bygone gifting trend is due a revival.

‘Research has shown that giving a piece of jewellery straight after the birth of a child greatly increases a woman’s happiness, so we knew we needed to create something special’

 (Ed Ferris, SWAG)

The ‘Circle of Life’ collection is designed to complement traditional wedding jewellery, adding a distinctive touch of colour pop with precious gemstones. Apparently future collections might include birthstones and personalised pieces, but right now I think even the most shopping-phobic proud Papa can cope with a choice of five colourways in pendant, ring or earring format.

The connection with PANDAS came about because the Ferris family and SWAG wanted to give something back to women in need and raise awareness of PND – we wholly applaud them for aligning themselves with this cause. The PANDAS charity provides a support network for those affected and helping them on the road to recovery; it’s shocking to hear that many sufferers are scared to confide in anyone for fear of their children being taken into care.

For PND sufferers, jewellery might not be the light at the end of the tunnel (although it might provide a little sparkle) but bringing the conversation into the open is positive and illuminating.

Find out more at www.pandasfoundation.org.uk

The ‘Circle of Life’ collection will be available online and in SWAG stores from Monday and prices range from £595 to £850.

Slick Mummy would like to extend thanks to SWAG, PANDAS and to Facets PR for inviting us to be part of their launch event.

Thanks to SWAG and Professional Jeweller for the images used