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Andy & the Odd Socks ‘All Together at Christmas Time’ – single out now

Andy & The Odd Socks have just revealed their very own Christmas single ‘All Together (at Christmas time)’ which will be released on 1st December 2017 with an unabashed desire to be a bit different and reach No.2 in the UK charts instead of No.1!

In Andy’s own words ‘Every pop star always wants to be No.1 don’t they? Well, I am happy to announce that we would love to reach No.2 instead in the charts this Christmas.’

Andy Day is a huge presence in most young children’s lives appearing regularly on children’s TV with his big hair and personality to match. If this wasn’t enough the kid’s TV icon has only gone and formed a band, Andy and The Odd Socks with some other massive personalities (aka The Odd Socks; Moxy, Rio, Blu and Random Keith) with a collection of fist-pumping and toe-tapping rock pop songs on his debut album ‘Who Invited This Lot?’ that FINALLY allows parents to throw away those annoying nursery rhyme CD’s and fill their car journeys with enjoyable positive music, that delivers empowering messages to young children.

‘Who Invited This Lot?’ is released this Friday 24th November 2017 via Universal and will no doubt be a very welcome stocking-filler in most households this Christmas.

Personally booked by Emily Eavis, Andy and the Odd Socks played their debut gig at Glastonbury this summer (not a bad place to start!) unleashing dinosaurs with footballs, a groovy hoover and a ninja pig to a hugely receptive audience (oh
and the kids loved it too!) The hugely talented band play live wherever they go and have already garnered high profile fans from the likes of Ferne Cotton and her husband Jessie Wood both seen rocking out with their kids at a recent London showcase.  Aimed at primary school kids Andy and The Odd Socks are all hugely individual and entertaining characters whose message to children is simple. In one of the band’s best-known songs ‘Unique’ Andy sings about ‘being proud of who you are be accepting of one another.’

Unsurprisingly Andy and The Oddsocks recently caught the attention of the Anti-Bullying Alliance the UK’s leading anti-bullying charity (*All Different, All Equal*) who asked Andy to be their patron. This alliance spurred Andy on to instigate his very own hugely successful Odd Socks Day which launched nationwide last Monday 13th November and will now feature as an annual national UK event. Odd Socks Day inspired hundreds of schools to wear their odd socks to school in a public celebration of individuality with a voluntary donation to the Anti-Bullying Alliance charity if possible. Up and down the whole of the UK, children were singing the song ‘Unique’ in classrooms and assemblies and posting their hundreds of videos and pictures online to celebrate Odd Socks Day. Victoria Beckham even posted a photo of her daughter Harper Beckham wearing her odd socks to school on Monday whilst Andy went off to talk about being an Odd Sock on Channel 5 News AND in The House of Lords.