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SM tests… Angela Langford Thirsty Work Moisturiser

2014 Masterchef finalist Angela Langford’s ‘Thirsty Work’ ultra-hydrating moisturiser contains raspberry, rosehip and Q10.

Editor writes: “The first thing you’ll notice about this cream is the smell. It’s delicious, addictive – yet hard to describe; a bit like orange blossom meets pixie stix. No surprise then that Angela is actually a talented cook, and does some sort of kitchen alchemy with a bespoke blend of wonderful ingredients to create all her products, 

This product calls itself an ultra-hydrating moisturiser, but really this is a misconception. The label should actually read: “Resuscitation for skin that has been stressed to the limits by the school holidays, mostly hydrated over the Summer with prosecco and left out to bake a bit too long in the sun. Oh, and it also works great as a primer for makeup – if, perchance, you have time for a night out.” But that lengthy description might take something away from the beautiful label (inspired by a card Angela’s mother gave her.)

There is an impressively long list of ingredients crammed into one bottle; all organic at source but including a few things I don’t believe I have ever (in all the years of beauty testing) put on my face such as arctic blackcurrant, rosewood oil and myrrh. You only need a couple of pumps per use so 50ml should see you through til Half Term…”

Order online, RRP £37.50 for 50ml